How do you heat or cool a city or district while reducing co2 emissions? 

With urban heating and cooling systems!


ENGIE operates 320 heating and cooling systems around the world in response to the long-term comfort needs (heating and air-conditioning) of both public and private sectors, at the same time as protecting the environment. A European market leader for three decades, the Group continues to expand its presence in Asia, the Middle East and North America.

ENGIE has a unique expertise in the production and local distribution of heating and cooling from renewable energy and recovery. Through the development of district energy network, ENGIE helps invent smart and sustainable cities of tomorrow.

ENGIE opère 320 réseaux de chaleur et de froid dans le monde, répondant ainsi aux besoins de confort (chauffage et climatisation) des secteurs public et privé tout en préservant l’environnement. Leader du marché en Europe depuis 30 ans, ENGIE poursuit son développement en Asie, au Moyen Orient et en Amérique du Nord.