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Controles AC and your smart building

We specialize in digital control and our mission is to support our clients towards global solutions for building integration, operation, and management in order to achieve and even exceed required performance.

The foundation of our company is dedicated primarily to our customers and our employees. Whether you are a client or an employee, at Controles AC, you can be confident that your interests are our priority. Our values promote teamwork as a means towards your satisfaction. They guide how we serve, interact, and innovate. They contribute to our success and our respective development.

For our Clients

At Controles AC, we pride ourselves in the quality of our customer service. Our experienced team strives to meet your quality standards every day in order to offer you optimal performance for your buildings.

We are constantly adapting our innovative services in building automation in order to evolve them at the rhythm of your specific needs.

Need help or information? Fill in our contact form or talk to our specialists and then click here for remote assistance.


For our Personnel

At Controles AC, we continuously endeavour towards providing a gratifying work environment for our employees. We want our employees to actively contribute to the company’s challenges and successes. We believe that our staff must be made up of a team of experienced professionals and talented young recruits.

For us, a happy team is one that cares about a job well done. We'd you to join us. Click here to access our job postings or send us an email for more information.


Organizations of all sizes trust Controles A.C.’s services to optimize their energy performance as well as the efficiency of their electromechanical systems. We also offer complete installation, integration, and optimization services in building automation, with a complete electromechanical maintenance service that includes your regulation system.

Our services include a wide range of technologically advanced products with wired or wireless control for all of your electromechanical systems (ventilation, air conditioning, heating, lighting, energy management, etc.).

Furthermore, we supervise and manage your access systems, manage the alarms connected to your building’s automation—and all this without interrupting camera surveillance.

Our service delivery successes meet the needs of our clientele and reveal important reductions in costs related to energy and building supervision. We guarantee you a renowned expertise and a professional accompaniment in the implantation of your automated installations.

We pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our clients. Simplifying building management is our area of expertise. In our industry, we are constantly innovating in order to guarantee technological systems that meet your needs.

Controles AC is an official dealer of Reliable Controls solutions. 

Our Services

  • Engineering, designing and selection
  • Development plan
  • Programming of digital controllers
  • Design and configuration of graphical interfaces
  • ETL / CSA Approved Mounting Workshop
  • Integration and installation:
    • Regulation systems:
      • Numeric
      • Pneumatic
      • Electronic, electric
    • Energy Management and Remote Management Systems
    • Access Controls
    • Lighting Controls
    • Wireless controls
    • Several protocols, such as:
      • BACnet
      • Modbus
      • EnOcean
  • Commissioning
  • Custom training
  • Remote management
  • Preventive maintenance and personalized patch:
    • Control systems
    • Electromechanical Systems (HVAC)
    • Air Conditioning Systems
    • Noxious gas detection systems (calibration and certification)
    • Maintenance of combustion heating equiment
    • Vibration analysis
    • Electric installation thermography
  • Department of Energy Efficiency
  • Optimization and Upgrade:
    • Control systems
    • Electromechanical Systems (HVAC)
    • Software
  • Technical Support and Troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive IT and Networking Support:
    • Wired or wireless network
    • Security (Internet, Intranet and VLAN)
    • Remote communication (modem, Internet and 3G technology)
  • Replacement parts and complete inventory
  • Projects:
    • Public
    • By invitation
    • Upon proposal
    • Turnkey
    • Energy efficiency (with or without funding and auto-financing)
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service

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