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From 1985 to 1990, a group of dynamic young workers were employed by Transalta Energy System, a company that operated across Canada and was headquartered in Calgary.

In 1990, “Transalta” decided to withdraw from the Canadian market, leaving the reins of the company to the manufacturer of the system "Andover Controls". Less than two years later, the company is no match for the Canadian market, and in turn decides to withdraw from Canada.

Following this withdrawal, the 5 most successful offices in Canada decided to continue their activities by founding independent companies. This is how 6 ex-employees became the founders of the new entity “Les Contrôles A.C. Inc.”. This group of young entrepreneurs quickly took their place in an already very competitive market largely dominated by long-established multinationals.

After renting various offices in the greater Quebec City area, “AC Controls” acquired a first building on the South Shore of Quebec in 1994. Ten years later, the success and growth of the company forced it to move once again to the current premises of the 5 e Rue à Lévis, where it now occupies nearly 27 000 sq.ft2.

With less than 15 employees at its inception, "AC Controls" had more than 30 in 2000 and more than 50 in 2004. The company's growth is directly linked to the quality of its service, the competence of its employees, but above all to the strength of its core shareholders who have managed to unite, grow and adapt over all these years.

In 2006, "AC Controls" expanded for the first time in the greater Montreal area, through the acquisition of "CONNEXIUM", a company working mainly in the construction sector with automatic regulation.

In 2012, still in the greater Montreal area, a second acquisition was made. Thus, "Vari-Tech", a company working in the service and preventive maintenance sector, joins the already well-established group.

It was in 2018 that EQUANS Service, a major player in energy efficiency and facility management, acquired Contrôles AC. With the addition of this company to its portfolio, EQUANS Services strengthens its position as a North American leader in professional technical services specializing in energy intelligence. The founders of the company have thus ensured the sustainability of the company.

Today, "AC Controls" has more than 160 employees and continues to maintain a presence in all regions of Quebec. We are very proud to contribute to the development of "Building Intelligence" in a unique and sustainable way.

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