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Facilities Management / O & M

A complete offer, from design to construction - and throughout the life of buildings

Facility management

This consists of organizing and managing a series of deliverables on behalf of a client, using an integrated approach while guaranteeing results that meet the client’s expectations.

What we offer:

Cost Reductions

Our pooled procurement programs and best maintenance, asset protection and energy management practices ensure that you receive the best possible quality/price ratio for all activities covered by our assignment.

Quality Service

ENGIE provides you with nearby, professional, available, local teams coordinated through a dedicated central structure and well established processes that combine to give you a clean, pleasant, comfortable, productive and safe environment.

Firm Commitments

Management and compliance with performance criteria are ENGIE Services’ practical way of demonstrating its ability to make firm commitments on the service level required to ensure smooth progress of your operations.

Respect for the Environment

ENGIE is committed to integrating its deliverables into a shared sustainable development vision as we steer you toward best environmental management practices.

Understanding of your Needs

We understand the crucial importance of the services we deliver for your operations and we work with you as a team to ensure seamless compatibility between our services and your needs.

Clear Communications

ENGIE​ regularly and openly communicates all information on the various aspects of its assignment. Relevant outcomes indicators are used and integrated into a continuing improvement plan that reflects a firm determination to strive for excellence.

Operations and Maintenance

Technical Management

ENGIE also self-performs building operation and maintenance services including all types of mechanical and architectural preventive and corrective maintenance.
The majority of our contracts are all-inclusive and they contain energy efficiency programs with performance guarantees.
  • Energy Management
  • Air Quality Control
  • Immobilization & Asset Preservation Plans
  • Reporting
  • Complementary Services
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Facility management: a combination of hard and soft services...​

  • User services:
    • 24/7 client service
    • Communications
    • Quality control
    • Satisfaction survey
  • Guard services, access control and video surveillance
  • Janitorial maintenance
  • Maintenance and operation of electro-mechanical systems
  • Architectural maintenance
  • Energy and environment
  • Parking
  • Indoor and outdoor green space
  • Snow removal
  • Procurement and inventory management
  • IT infrastructure
  • Pest control
  • Waste recycling and disposal
  • Regulatory inspections
  • Asset maintenance
  • Project management
  • Delivery and shipping
  • Space management
  • Food services
  • Mail service and document reproduction

More than operation and maintenance

Reducing maintenance costs and optimizing the life cycle

Through continuous optimization of maintenance plans, we lengthen equipment service life. Our preventive maintenance program optimizes the resources assigned to maintenance and thus reduces repair costs. ENGIE​ even covers repair costs up to the deductible value, freeing you of the risks associated with unexpected repairs and all the administrative duties linked to these interventions.

Reliability and continuity

ENGIE focuses on the reliability of facilities and the continuity of operations, factoring in the critical nature and required maintenance plan for each piece of equipment. At the same time, the maintenance interval for some less important equipment can be extended to reduce overall maintenance and operating costs.

Quality, health and safety

We comply with the contract requirements, regulations and legislation in force. Our operating processes factor in our experience from other sites, resulting in knowledge sharing that benefits all our clients. We take care to protect our clients, employees and contributors from physical and environmental incidents. 

Operations and Maintenance Services can include:

  • Automatic Regulation Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Pump Systems


  • Plumbing Systems
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Air conditioning, Ventilation and Heating Systems
  • Emergency Electrical Supply Systems
  • Vertical Transport Systems
  • General Building Maintenance
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